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Team Introduction: Jakub Vykoukal, Graphics Artist

Today we are introducing our extremely talented artist Jakub Vykoukal! Let’s see what he has to say!

Jakub Statue

 What do you do in Mingle Games?

I’m concept and game artist, which means I’m creating the whole visual side of the game from sketch to final asset. It includes to cooperate closely with Game Designer and try to realize his ideas with pinch of my own spice.

Very interesting. Do you like working here and why?

Yes, I do. I like the approach of the company like ,,nothing but the best’’ which is really motivating and it’s making you to always try to do your best, because other guys are doing awesome job there… You also provided me an excellent hardware and software support. Thank you.

You’re welcome! We are glad that you are happy. Why did you choose to work in gaming company?

Well, I like games, but it’s not the main thing leading me there. I chose game industry because I like the feeling of providing people something they can enjoy, something that can make them happy or evoke some emotions. And when they tell you they really like the mood, the atmosphere or even jokes you put in, that’s the biggest satisfaction.

That is perfect motivation! What were you doing before?

I was working in advertising agency as graphic designer, which didn’t really suit me well. But it was an experience.

Glad you found job you like. How does your typical day look like?

Well, alarm clock on 7:15 …  7:20, 7:25, 7:30 until I finally wake up at 8:00. Quickly dress up, catch the tram and start my romantic public transport breakfast (-need to get up earlier tomorrow). Arriving to the office, checking mailbox and sketching, drawing, painting, and doing all this kind of stuff until the evening. Then I get back home and relax with movies, games, or some outdoor activity. When relaxed enough – set alarm clock on 7:15 and go to sleep.

Looks like lots of struggle to wake up haha. Where do you find your motivation?

In industry professionals, which includes Concept Art, Game Art and Illustration. They are forcing me to always try to improve my skills and learn from them.


Jakub Working


So you set your goals high, huh? What is your favorite game?

Baseball. But if you mean a PC game, it would probably be Mafia 1 and World of Warcraft, which I forbade to myself. Guess you all know why :) I’m also a big fan of Clash of Clans and 100 Floors.

Good games! Can you tell us more about yourself? Where are you from, what are your activities outside work, etc.?

Sure, I was born in Prague, Czech Republic where I’m currently living as well. I studied advertisement and graphic design and started to draw the first sketches digitally. That was the first time I discovered concept art and all this industry and I fell in love with it immediately. So I started to learn all I could about it and practice every day. And I still do, it’s like a never ending journey.

Beside that I really like skiing, trying to go to the gym (once per month) and also trying to learn cooking – I would say I’m something like level 2 apprentice, which means pretty good spaghetti and frozen pizza.

That looks like awesome journey! If you have the same drive for cooking like you have for art, you will be soon new Auguste Gusteau! Anything else you want to add?

Thank you for this opportunity and see you on the field! :)

We thank you for such a talented person to join our team! Thank you for this great chat! Let’s see next week who we will introduce!