1. General
1.1. About. This policy describes the way how Mingle Games s.r.o., a company established under Czech law, Business ID No. 24206946, with its registered office at Svitákova 2729/10, Praha 5, Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File No. 188619 (“Mingle Games” or “we”) collects, processes and protects your personal data (“Privacy Policy”).
1.2. Scope. This Privacy Policy applies on processing of personal data of players and/or users of our games or other services (“Users”) made available via the following platforms: (i) the Windows Store, (ii) App Store, (iii) the Google Play, (iv) Facebook platform and/or (v) our website (“Platforms”). This Privacy policy always applies to any services provided on our Platforms or otherwise, if they incorporate this Privacy Policy or contain a link hereto (“Services”).

2. Data Collections and Purpose
2.1. Data collections. We may collect or process in any other way following data of Users provided to Mingle Games in the following circumstances (the personal data are always specifically delimited in the particular forms when providing the personal data, if applicable):
(a) in order to to create and/or update User’s account and provide the User with the Services, which may typically include name, username, password, identification details (including identification number and address), basic identification details from User’s public profile and contact details (including e-mail and phone number);
(b) in order to process User’s payment, which may typically include details of User’s payment instruments, such as credit or debit cards;
(c) in order to enhance User’s experience and optimise the Services, tracking data on use of our Services and resources used thereby (i.e. how the Users are using our Services and/or which device are used for access to them), including use of cookies as set out in clause 2.3; and
(d) in order to inform you on any new services provided by Mingle Games, User’s e-mails and distribution lists.
2.2. Purpose of data processing. Mingle Games processes User’s personal data for the following purposes:
(a) Registration and granting access and provision of our Services;
(b) Payment for Services;
(c) Enhancing User’s experience and optimising the Services;
(d) Protection of assets and legitimate interests of ourselves and other customers; and
(e) Direct marketing.
2.3. Cookies and web beacons. For the purpose of analysing User’s visits of our Platforms, we also collect cookies (codes stored locally on User’s computer). By enabling cookies in a browser, a particular User has expressed his/her consent that we may collect cookies for this purpose. Collection of cookies may be turned off by resetting the browser. In case you turn off cookies, functionality of our Platforms and/or Services may be limited. Our Services and the communications generated from using and/or registering to our Services and/or Platforms, such as promotional emails, may contain electronic images known as “web beacons”. Web beacons generally work in conjunction with cookies, and we may use them in the same way we use cookies (see above).
2.4. Direct marketing. We may also use User’s electronic contact details for marketing purposes, i.e. to inform the User about our services which may be derived from User’s past usage of our Services. This communication shall strictly adhere to applicable legal regulations. You may opt out from marketing communication via disabling his option on your account.
2.5. Data combination. We may, within the extent enabled by legal regulation, (i) combine personal data provided directly by User with information provided otherwise; and (ii) store this information collectively in one or more separate databases.

3. Data Retention and Security
3.1. Data retention period. We will not store personal data of Users for a longer period that what is necessary given the purpose for which they were provided or collected, i.e. it will typically process personal data for the period of User’s registration and/or use of our Services. Subject to situations set out below, personal data of a particular User will be removed after deregistration. We will retain only those personal data serving legitimate purposes (e.g., some data are required to be retained by applicable legal regulations, some data are necessary for purposes of outstanding billing, etc). Personal data shall be retained also if removal would require undue efforts or costs – in these cases the personal data shall be dislocated and not entirely removed.
3.2. Data security. We will ensure that all personal data are stored securely. Therefore, we have introduced adequate physical, technical and organisational measures and plans protecting and securing data collected from Users (which, however, do not deprive any User from duties to undertake proper steps in order to secure your data especially for data transmission to us). The aim is to eliminate unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data, or accidental, unauthorised or unlawful access, use, transferring, processing, copying, transmitting, alteration, loss or damage of personal data. Despite all efforts and meeting all rules set out by applicable legal regulations, it is not possible to ensure the security of all User data, if they are transferred or transmitted in an unsecured way. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that the information transmitted will not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by breach of any of our safeguards. We will protect your data in the following ways:
(a) Using cryptography, where necessary;
(b) Using password protection, where necessary; and
(c) Restricting access to personal data (i.e. access to personal data is granted only to those from our employees or contractors for whom the access is indispensable).

4. Limitations on Data Processing
4.1. Proportionality. We will neither collect any excessive amount of personal data nor relevant for the purposes for which personal data are collected.
4.2. Personal data sharing. Subject to situations stipulated in any terms for using particular Services (e.g., interaction with social media) or if it is indispensable to use the Services (e.g., multiplayer mode), personal data of a particular User will not be shared or provided to any third party without consent of a particular User except for in cases we are obliged to provide personal data on the basis of law or an order of public authority; or if personal data sharing is specifically allowed by applicable legal regulations. Should the applicable legal regulations prohibit that, personal data of a particular User shall never be shared with any third party.

5. Final Provisions
5.1. Changes of Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy may be updated or changed from time to time and shall be fully effective after their publication on our Platforms (which will be declared via the “Changes Effective” date at the top of Privacy Policy). In case any particular User use our Services after publication of the changes, the User indicate that (s)he agrees to be bound by the modified Privacy Policy.
5.2. Right to access. Any User has a right to be provided with details of personal data processed by us and require correction or deletion of personal data. Any User may contact us at, should (s)he have any such request.
5.3. Severability. If any of the terms of this Agreement turns out to be null, void or unenforceable, other provisions shall remain valid and enforceable. The relevant provisions shall be removed and/or amended by the parties in order to best reflect intentions when entering into hereof. The relevant provisions shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect as nearly as possible our original intentions.
5.4. Applicable law. Privacy Policy shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with Czech law.