let’s mingle!

Mingle Games is an independent game development studio,
which was founded in 2012 and is located in Prague, Czech Republic.

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our focus

Our studio focuses on mobile gaming for mass audience. We are bringing players the entertainment they are looking for by offering them high quality titles that are fun to play and beautiful to watch. Our goal is to create a global company with our own brands and create various games with a unique approach and style.

meet the team


Designer & Programmer

Vladislav mingles resourcefully his creativity and never-to-give-up approach in business development, programming and game design. Driven by his visions, he focuses his energy in development of highly-polished games and in taking Mingle Games to higher level of game development.


Game Designer

Esra mingles her deep design skills with a wide understanding of puzzle games to create best possible features and user experience. She uses her keen eye for details and deep knowledge of the games, to assure games are in highest possible quality.


Office manager

Lucie mingles her organisational and interpersonal skills to ensure that the company’s activities are delivered efficiently. She also covers the communication activities.


Graphic Artist

Vladimir mingles his creativity, perfectionism and sense for details in order to make an interesting in-game art. He is also pushing the art expression as far as possible.


Michal Pastier

Michal Pastier is Burning Man enthusiast, co-founder and Group Creative Director of advertising agencies ZARAGUZA Bratislava, ZARAGUZA Prague and branding agency for startups, The Big Name Theory. Facebook awarded ZARAGUZA among the best 10 agencies in the world which use it the most creatively with Silver Facebook Studio Award. Michal is winner of the prestigious Cyber Young Lion Award from Cannes Lions and more than 100 other advertising awards.

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