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Team Introduction: Esra Spevak, Quality Assurance

After some time we have prepared another introduction of a member of our team for you! Meet Esra, who answers your questions, helps you to pass hard levels and takes care of the quality of our games!  


What do you do in Mingle Games?

I am Level Designer, Quality Assurance, Community, Support, you name it, I am doing it! I am making sure that the games are of the highest possible quality, and designing new and fun levels for our games. I also participate in design discussions and try to bring new ideas.

Wow, jack of all trades! Do you like working here and why?

I LOVE working here! The biggest reason is that I love games and now I can also make them. I love the core values of our company, the teamwork of very talented and skilled people, I also enjoy how great mood and fun we have, and how ridiculous jokes we make of each other.

That looks like lots of fun! Why did you choose to work in a gaming company?

Originally my idea was to become a “Biochemist”. I joined our company thanks to my husband, to help for a while with testing. After a short time, I realized how passionate I am about this job and how I loved games my whole life and now I have the opportunity to make them!

From biochemistry to game development! That I call THE twist! What were you doing before?

I was studying, but in my free time, I was spending lots of time playing many mobile games that I cannot even count. I was also playing PlayStation games and was a maniac of Lord of The Rings Online. Now when I think back, I can not understand why I wanted to become a Biochemist, when clearly games were my life!


So you do what you love to do, that sounds like happiness. How does your typical day look like?

We wake up very early with my beloved baby daughter! I start testing right away, checking all bug fixes, new features if they work correctly, and if any sneaky bugs or crashes are around! We then have daily standup meeting where we talk about each other’s work. Every 2 weeks, we have our Scrum meeting where we plan our Sprints. Of course, my daughter is also an important part of these meetings! When testing is done, I start thinking and designing new levels. I check any comments from the community of players and try to help them, make gameplay videos for them or solve any issue they have. When I am done with work, I love spending time with my family, doing lots of activities :-)

Are you sure you are a homo sapiens? That is a LOT of work done for one mother! I hope other mothers read this and get inspired! Where do you find your motivation and inspiration?

Creating games itself is my motivation. I feel everything is in our hands, and we can do lots of things to create quality games which people will enjoy! Also, I find inspiration in anything: movies, nature, people, my family, space, and universe… name it. All you need to do is to observe and analyze.

Mind blowing! What is your favorite game?

It’s a very difficult question. The most favorite I would say Lord of the Rings Online. It’s just awesome! And, of course, the fact that I met my lovely husband there ;-) I also love games like “Best Fiends”, “Pet Rescue Saga”, “Scrubby Dubby Saga” to name a few on mobile games. Also, two of my favorite from PlayStation games are Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. My favorite game is definitely Calming Lia :-D. As I never played anything that long, often, and I still love it!

Cool! Can you tell us more about yourself? Where are you from, what are your activities outside of work, etc.?

I am from Cyprus, I love spending time with my family, having some quality time. Aside from that, I love playing games, reading books, improving and educating myself. I love going into nature which gives me lots of energy. I also enjoy watching movies and I like playing the piano. Also, I enjoy good beer or wine!


Must be rich life! Anything else you want to add?

This is the dream job I have never imagined that it’s possible to have. And I cannot believe it’s real. We put our heart, our passion and lots of hard work in our games. It’s always big happiness for us and gives big strength to see our players writing and saying how they love our game :-)

Amazing! Thank you, Esra for sharing your thoughts! We are happy to have you here!