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Team Introduction: Lucie Spevakova, Office manager

And here we go with another series of our crazy introductions! This time it is person who takes care of everything! Standing ovation for Lucie Spevakova!


What do you do in Mingle Games?

Formally I am Project and Office Manager but informally I also do whatever is needed. From recruiter through librarian and accountant to real estate agent. Name it.

Ah Jack of all trades! Do you like working here and why?

I do like it a lot as it is never boring here and I always had passion for games so working for a game company is just awesome for me. We often discuss stuff around our games like gameplay, effects, graphics etc., which sometimes turns into explosion of ideas and results in burst out laughing. Now, how can you not like it?

Sounds fun indeed! Why did you choose to work in gaming company?

Games were my passion ever since I can remember. After finishing university I was working in international corporation where our clients were mostly banks or insurance companies and everything was very strict including clothes, working hours, etc. which was not really for me. Creting games is much more chaotic but much more fun!

From Banks to Games, great! What were you doing before?

For 5 years I was working for consulting company Accenture as an analyst. It was very intense experience to change from international corporation to family size company but I can´t complaint. It was definitely change for better as I can clearly see the results of my work here and I communicate with people more personally.

So size DOES matter! How does your typical day look like?

I usually wake up at 6:30, take a shower and prepare breakfast. Then I wake up my 4 years old daughter and force her to eat, switch clothes and do the morning hygiene, whitch takes incredible amount of time. While we are arguing about these things and listening „Let it go“ from the Frozen movie over and over again, I am trying to prepare myself for work as well.

I arrive to work around 8:30am, start my laptop and prepare large pot of green tea. Then I handle my emails and do whatever is needed. Sometimes I have to go to post office or other offices too or shopping if something is missing. I go to lunch around noon and then continue with my work.

I leave the office at around 4pm so I can pick up my daugter on time from the playschool. After that we usually go to some playground or shopping, just enjoying time together.

When I put her to sleep, I sometimes handle some stuff I didn’t manage to finish during the day and if there is some time and energy left I like to go jogging or just watch some tv. Mostly I go to sleep around 11pm.

I am really glad that I have flexible working hours, so I can arrange work around my life and be able to work hard and play hard.


Looks like you do many things indeed! Where do you find your motivation?

It is not that hard to find motivation at this company as we create games! Game business is very creative and people are open minded.

Fair enough. What is your favorite game?

About 5 years ago I would have said Lord of the rings online as me and my husband used to spend unbelievable amount of time there for about two years period. However, nowadays I don’t play PC games much, I switched to iPad. What I like most are Best Fiends, Hay Day and Dragon Vale.

Mobile to rule them all! Can you tell us more about yourself? Where are you from, what are your activities outside work, etc.?

I come from České Budějovice which is the largest city of the South Bohemian region, however I have been living in Prague for more than 15 years now, so I believe I can call myself Praguer now ;)

I love to spend my free time with my daughter but apart from that my free time activities are mostly jogging related ones. I am part of a large group called Wonderful women in run (Bajecne zeny v behu) and we participate in or organize many competitions and other activities. I also love playing games or watching movies or series (Game of Thrones lately) but I also love long trips to nature.

Thank you for sharing! Lets see who will be introduced next time…